Cape Maclear EcoLodge Chembe Village
Cape Maclear EcoLodge

Location of HEEED Volunteer Activities

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The focus of HEEED Chembe activities is currently at Panda Garden, a 0.6 hectare area located just behind Cape Maclear EcoLodge, Chembe. Panda Garden is a demonstration garden and a centre of environmental education activities that seeks to empower the local community to take responsibility for their own health, the health of the environment, as well as promoting their own, sustainable economic well-being.

PANDA GARDEN, Chembe – consists of 2 fish ponds; a number of vegetable gardens overseen by both HEEED staff and some Chembe community groups; a tree seedling nursery, as well as mature paw-paw and guava fruit trees; a briquette and mudstove production unit; HEEED Handicrafts oversees  a weekly Art and Environment Course for 18 Chembe Primary School students, a weekly Advanced Art Course for 8 Chembe Secondary School students; thrice-weekly supplementary classes to the Great Philosophers Group (Chembe Secondary School) in English, biology, geography and computer ; the production of hand-made paper products from recycled waste; bilharzia snail-sampling at different lodge location; an orphan-care and Home-based care programme for needy families; environmental education includes after-dark video shows twice a week at Panda Garden; assistants who teach English as a second language. Panda Garden is one-minute walk away from Cape Maclear EcoLodge and Tandy House.