In 2020, HEEED teamed up with NYCOM (National Youth Council of Malawi) and created the NYCOM-HEEED Skills and Training Centre. Also known as Panda Garden, this Centre is located just behind Fish Heaven Cottage in a .06-hectare demonstration garden and Centre of Environmental Education. Volunteers of all ages are welcome and encouraged to stay in lake-side accommodation that ranges in style and cost from camping, to spacious rooms with air conditioning. Please contact Violet Zakaria, the HEEED Manager and Volunteer Coordinator – for more information, as well as the HEEED Volunteer Application Forms.

The NYCOM-HEEED Skills and Training Centre seeks to empower the local community to take responsibility for their own health, the health of the environment, as well as promoting their own, sustainable economic well-being.

We are seeking empowered, self-motivating, and creative volunteers to assist us in our efforts within Chembe Village! The most successful volunteers will be those who come with an open mind, and are ready and enthusiastic to learn about Malawi and our efforts within the community.