Poor sanitation, diseases such as malaria, cholera and bilharzia, the condition of HIV/AIDS and malnutrition – that all impact on the environment.

HEEED solutions:

  • Malaria: distribution of mosquito nets when funding permits, malaria awareness education and art programme
  • Bilharzia(schistosomiasis): increase awareness of connection with the snail-eating fishes and the need to conserve these biological control agents. Monitor the presence/absence of disease-carrying snails outside Chembe and nearby tourist lodges.
  • Sanitation. Reduce disease and bilharzia by providing Blair toilets, when funds permit.
  • HIV/AIDS and malnutrition: increase awareness of these conditions through pamphlets videos and books , an orphan-feeding programme  cooking demonstrations related to nutritious diets and after-dark educational video shows (Panda Garden, Chembe).