Activities at Cape Maclear EcoLodge

Guests are offered opportunities for boating diving, snorkeling, kayaking and hiking in Lake Malawi National Park (LMNP).

Guests are also encouraged to visit the ongoing HEEED community activities in nearby Panda Garden.

and also to purchase HEEED hand-made items.

price list of HEEED handicrafts

The lodge and associated projects created by HEEED (in nearby Panda Garden) are designed to benefit both the environment and the local community. Some of these projects include:

  1. Environmental and health education programmes– Children’s weekly evening educational video programme- Snorkelling and fish identification in Lake Malawi National Park: Art and environment programme; children’s courses- Nutrition programme ; HIV/AIDS education for children using cartoon characters in books and videos.
  2. Bilharzia monitoring, eradication and reduction programme
  3. Fish monitoring and conservation
  4. Production of educational materials such as Lake Malawi National Park: World Heritage Site and Hiding Hyena and Underwater Videos and Guides of Lake Malawi
  5. Organic gardening
  6. Aquaculture for fish production and nutrient-rich water for organic garden.
  7. Briquettes made from organic waste to substitute fire-wood
  8. Production of fuel efficient (mud/cement) stoves.
  9. Recycling paper/organic waste to create works of art + products for sale. 
  10. Orphan-feeding and education programme, 5 days a week
  11. Tourist education programme including kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving,  hiking and boat trips with sunset cruises.

Volunteer opportunities exist to preserve and protect Lake Malawi National Park and to work for the well-being of the communities adjacent to LMNP. A healthy environment requires healthy communities. Cape Maclear EcoLodge provides a comfortable and tranquil experience to learn more about this marvelous locality which was deemed by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site. Cape Maclear EcoLodge is a facility exclusive for its guests and volunteers and looks forward to offering you a unique Cape Maclear welcome.